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Christopher "Tricky" Stewart's Custom-Made Approach

A master of the mix, Stewart's sources are diverse but his goal for artists' is always a perfect fit.

In a wide-ranging 2014 interview, producer/songwriter Christopher "Tricky" Stewart explained to the Atlantic Chapter how his formula is not to have a formula. While his work with Beyoncé won him 2 GRAMMYs — and he elaborates on the meaning of Recording Academy participation and the award — he doesn't want to have "a sound" people can grow tired of. "I like to work with artists that are really comfortable in their skin, whether they're a new artist or not. I'm not big on the blank-canvas artist. I like people who have a really strong identity of who they are," said Stewart. "When they get there, my approach is to custom make something that is going to work specifically for what it is that they want to do, what their goals are, and what the label needs."

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